The Heart Knows the Way

  • Lowcountry Autumn

    As Labor Day weekend ends and Charleston classrooms are well into their routines, the Lowcountry takes on a new flavor. The hue of the blue ocean d...
  • The Two Wolves

    A few years ago I chose to turn off the news and never turn it back on. I can count on my friend, Sassy, to keep me politically informed and my sal...
  • The Pivot

    I haven’t put pen to paper in a while, but have felt inspired to do so now. This week’s sermon at church was about the scars we wear. Our minister ...
  • Nantucket

    An island 30 miles out to sea, where I didn’t know a soul, sounded like a fabulous adventure and way to spend a college summer. I lined up a job wi...
  • The Hero’s Journey

    A dash of food, sprinkle of sleep, cup of love, equal parts sun, salt and hugs. Wash, rinse, repeat, day after day.
  • As You Are

    The practice of yoga is truly a coming home. Connecting to your own breath and staying with the simple message of one breath one movement frees the body and nervous system from stress.

  • Peace in Your Heart

    In Off the Mat Into the World, I learned the pandemic would likely bring up ancestral trauma ~ fears and belief systems that have been in our cells for a long time. For the buck to stop here, we’d need to pay attention to what that was. 
  • Make Your Bed

    “Make Your Bed: The Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World.”
  • Always Home

    Home is a place we all must find. It’s not just a place where you eat or sleep. Home is knowing.
  • Wish List

    I love Christmas. The smell of evergreen trees, baking Christmas cookies, making gingerbread houses, the music, lights and decorations; I love it all.
  • Wish

    Wish seems like another child of mine; a child held in my heart for a very long time. As a mother, I often feel guilty over this longing for something more, this something born purely out of my heart and mind.


  • Stuck in the Mud

    It’s said you are only as happy as your least happy child. I’ve been struggling with how to help my unhappiest child lately and his pain had finally brought me to my knees.