We are all born as beautiful beings with a soul, a voice and a mind purely and uniquely ours.  Awfully quickly, judgement, fear, and criticism jades the blend of who we have come here to be.  Like flower petals, pieces of our beings begin to fall and we are shaped and molded into who others want us to be.  The process of waking up, of becoming, is returning to the self and connecting to the light that each of us has come to shine.

Flowers and flower essences are used as gentle ways to address mind-body health and connect us back to our essential nature. I readily keep on hand Larch, Aspen, Baby Blue Eyes and Beach Rose for the children and me. Homeopathy focuses attention back to nature ~ to birds flying in V-formation trusting in the rhythm and flow of the universe. Also back to photosynthesis and the sturdy grounding of plants who reach for the light, who know when to reach and when to turn over a new leaf.

Josh Capeder is the brand strategist and graphic designer I chose for Wish. After our initial meeting and explanation of my vision, I began sending him various photos that spoke to me.  Without meaning to, they were all of flowers - either flowers strewn on my walnut island or from fields of wildflowers on family outings.  From these and his understanding of my goal of Wish, he drew together a logo, colors, and font that perfectly fit. His illustrated flower with closed buds is perfect too.  I hope that through the products, teachings and creators of Wish, you will learn my greatest lesson ~ "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." 

In love and light always,


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