Coming Home

This is Bohicket Road on Johns Island, SC in July 2004. This was my first time back in 20 years and my body was abuzz with joy. The cicadas, sweet southern air and oak tree branches seemed to be welcoming me home. Oprah Winfrey talks about the Whispers of the Universe, or the callings of the soul. I felt it that day and I planted a silent seed of intention to make this my home. Ten years later, barefoot, sick and pregnant, I looked at a picture of this island and knew it was time. 

In this morning's zoom yoga class, my teacher, Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis, said "Be here right now. Really be here. Give yourself that gift." Wish is my forever and I want it to be just right for you. I'm slowing down, enjoying researching and paying close attention to newsfeeds, nuances, and product reveals.  Authenticity over popularity, the labor of love over price, and heart over ego is what Wish is all about.

Each day at 4:30, my children and I call it quits to work and chores and let those beautiful oak trees lead us on a summer adventure. Getting local fruits and veggies, walking among wildflowers, riding bikes or swimming in the ocean, we are soaking up the offerings of a Lowcountry summer. My youngest and I were recently taken by a wave that left us with saltwater in our noses and me with that free feeling of being 8 again. A Dr. Pepper and a sandy slice of my grandmother’s cinnamon cake would have made the moment just right. I hope the whispers of the universe take you on heartfelt adventures this summer.

In love and light always,


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  • Jenny, I love this so much! You are a gifted writer! Please keep it up! We need more good writers out there who can inspire us👏😘

    Cathy Lange

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