Peace in Your Heart

Resiliency has become a common word in our society and often with praise ~ accolades for resiliency. In truth, do we allow ourselves or our children to be anything but? Is staying in a fit of pain, rage or sorrow ok? Not really. We’re expected to pick up and keep going, no matter what. 

The study of yoga says trauma lives in our cells and tissues; the practice of yoga lets out that residue, that stuff that resiliency buries, in order to create space for joy, peace and happiness. In Off the Mat Into the World, I learned the pandemic would likely bring up ancestral trauma ~ fears and belief systems that have been in our cells for a long time. For the buck to stop here, we’d need to pay attention to what that was. What was it for you...fear of getting sick, government trust, betrayal and/or control, physical abuse and violence, racial injustice, fear of the economy and business, isolation...? I guarantee the answer will give you an indication of where your ancestral trauma lives.

Releasing trauma is the liberating part of healing. Yoga, yoga, more yoga is my drug of choice. In art therapy, my son paints people and throws paint balls at them. Another child had time with a loving golden retriever at the Dee Norton Center and another tool we love is hitting tennis balls as hard as possible against a wall ~ all freeing. After the trauma is unleashed, we can then rewire the brain and thought patterns that no longer serve. And. If you found yourself drunk, high, or involved in other addictive behaviors all year, no judgement. We heal when we are ready. 

In love and light always,


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