The Pivot

I haven’t put pen to paper in a while, but have felt inspired to do so now. This week’s sermon at church was about the scars we wear. Our minister said, “the scars in our life cannot have the last word…and may our scars not show what has gone wrong, but rather how far we have come.” I stopped writing after two years of researching and planning a retail store, only to be told time and time again, not now. Last summer, I surrendered to a higher calling for myself. 

My peer group is entering or has entered a time that our education and careers have not prepared us for ~ aging parents, divorce, children growing up and moving away ~ transitions, loss, and change. My own story, healing workshops, courses and guides who have helped me, have all prepared me to help others. Just recently a friend and I were lamenting over a divorced friend’s move, “it’s the end of an era,” we said and let the silence hold our sorrow. Moving isn’t always about new cute shutters and wallpaper. It’s sometimes about closing the door on what was and will never be; a move that requires gentleness and compassion.

I’m grateful to the many people who pushed me onto the career path of realtor and asked me to use my energy, my scars, to help others with their real estate needs. As Warren Buffett says, “uncertainty is actually the friend of the buyer of long-term values.” Change is inevitable, but what we do about it and how we face it is our choice.

In love and light always,



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