As You Are

In a tribute to her teachers, my former principal spoke about each team member. When it was my turn, she said, I was smiley and bright, but underneath that lay steel, grit and spine. I was 23 at the time and was overcome with pride. Young, fearless and alive, I had thrown my heart and soul into teaching and it had been an unforgettable beginning.

The years since teaching have shaken my confidence and given me some mountains to climb. When I get on my mat, I return to that self I was recognized to be and release all the world has told me I should or shouldn’t be. The practice of yoga is truly a coming home. Connecting to your own breath and staying with the simple message of one breath one movement frees the mind and nervous system of stress.

In Baptiste yoga, we say “come as you are.” Finding my principal’s words 20 years later reminded me of that. She acknowledged that beneath the smile, steel, grit and spine is me and an important part of me. I hope you see that your act is appreciated and what lies beneath it is too. Come as you are; you never know who is noticing and applauding all parts of you.

In love and light always,


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