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I love Christmas. The smell of evergreen trees, baking Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, the music, lights and decorations; I love it all. My favorite Christmas memory is when I was 11 and my brother 13. One evening while our parents, dressed in tuxedo and sparkly dress, were up the street at a very large party, my brother and I changed every white Christmas light in the windows and replaced them with blinking colored lights. Blue, red, yellow and green. Blinking. We made the house look so magical that night for ALL of those party guests to see.

As promised, here is my Holiday Wish List. For children: starter needlepoint kits from Nantucket at www.ericawilson.com, Barnaby Bear books by Wendy Rouillard at www.barnabybear.com. Friends and those to nurture: body soaps and candles made in MA by www.farmandsea.com and sweet sayings at www.breathlesspaper.comFor Her: a Nantucket knot bracelet from www.heidiweddendorf.com and a leather tote from www.kmmco.com. For Him: a hand-crafted carving knife www.middletonmadeknives.com  For teachers, neighbors and those $25 and under gifts: notepads and cups at www.kristinpearce.com. For everyone, a meditation subscription at www.davidromanelli.com

Have a very Merry Holiday Season. With apologies to Santa for the years of perfect gifts, please remember my very favorite memory. Enjoy shopping and sharing the love from makers to your loved ones and at the same time, let’s never forget the Grinch’s words, “It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes, or bags!...Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more.”

In love and light always,


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  • Hi Jenny: perfectly beautiful note.. Can you add my friend , Liz O’Brien to your list. obrnlz@comcast.net… also will you recommend helpful and fulfilling books for me to read… Merry Christmas xo

    Alexandra Cooper

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