Don’t be Afraid

In late summer, my children and I went on an adventure to the mountains of North Carolina. One morning, we decided to go paddleboarding. My two oldest children were quickly mere dots on the horizon, while my youngest was on my board and my seemingly fearless child was on his board. We were doing our thing and finding our own rhythm when I realized that my “fearless” child has limits and they had been reached. He was scared.

At that same moment, a passing motorboat’s waves surprised him and he fell into the mountain cold lake. “Mommy mommy mommy,” he yelled. Needing to keep my own balance and my little one on my board, I calmly told him he was ok. “Grab your paddle. You are ok. Swim to your board. You are ok.” When he was safely back on his board, I said, “you know. The worst case scenario happened. You fell. You got wet. You are cold. But you’re ok. You are safe and you did a really good job.” 

I have felt this same fear among the mass collective recently. To so many, I want to say, “Worst case scenario. It almost happened or it did happen. And you are ok.” In the words of the late Robin Williams, “I want to teach people to be less afraid.” I say it to myself and I say it to you ~ you have survived 100% of your worst days. You are ok. You’re doing a really good job. Shine on Warriors.

In love and light always,


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